Try it

Trial installations of the 4DPlates software will soon be downloadable from this web page. Until then, please contact us at, and we will rush back to you with everything needed to get you going with your trial period.


Buy it

Please contact us at about your needs for software licenses, training, or technical services, and we will provide a quotation for you right away.

Technical requirements

The 4DPlates software will run on any recent 64-bit Windows-based computer, including laptops. The more memory and processing power you have available, the more data you can load and the quicker response you will have. For fluent interaction and maximum functionality, it is strongly recommended to run 4DPlates on a computer with a NVIDIA graphics processor. 

If you want to check whether your computer is suitable, or you plan to purchase a computer for the ultimate 4DPlates experience, please do not hesitate to contact