Feeling a little bit lost?

The 4DPlates software is comprehensive and powerful, and you might have questions about how to take full advantage of its power. You first stop for information would be the 4DPlates manual that is integrated with the software - just select the menu item "Manual" from the pulldown menu "Help", or simultaneously press the keys Fn and F1 on your keyboard. If you prefer to have the complete manual available as a document for easy reference or printing, you can download it or save it to file by selecting "Export all pages as PDF" from the "File" menu in the onscreen manual.

Still puzzled? Send your question by email to support@rebasin.com or select the menu item "Ask for support" from the "Help" menu.

Missing any functionality?

While 4DPlates is a mature tool with a lot of functinality, we have plenty of ideas for possible extensions. What would you like to see in future releases or add-on tools?

Share your ideas with us by sending an email to feedback@rebasin.com or choosing the menu item "Send feedback" from the "Help" menu.